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Intimacy Credits

Selected Media

Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare & Company | Kelly Galvin

Summer 2022

Everyday Life and Other Odds and Ends

Sleeping Weazel | Tara Brooks Watkins

Spring 2022

Twelfth Night

Catskill Mountain Shakespeare | Kelly Galvin

Summer 2021

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*denotes current or upcoming production

The Normal Heart*                                                    New Repertory Theatre                                Shira Gitlin

As You Like It*                                                           Actors Shakespeare Project                           Harold Steward

The House of Ramón Iglesia                                         Moonbox Productions                                  Arthur Gomez

Head Over Heels                                                       Endicott College                                         Katherine Clarke

Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing          Magnificent Bastard Productions                    Brett Milanowski

Ada and the Engine                                                    Central Square Theater                                Debra Wise

Much Ado About Nothing                                            Shakespeare & Company                            Kelly Galvin

Everyday Life and Other Odds and Ends                         Sleeping Weazel                                       Tara Brooks Watkins

Passing Strange                                                          Moonbox Productions                                 Arthur Gomez

7 Rooms: The Masque of the Red Death                          Flat Earth Theatre                                       Johnny Nichols, Jr.

Twelfth Night                                                             Catskill Mountain Shakespeare                     Kelly Galvin



  • SafeZone Project

    • ​Self-Guided Foundational Safe Zone Training

  • Salem State University

    • BFA – Theatre Performance, Psychology/Dramatic Literature Minors – Summa Cum Laude

    • David Allen George; Peter Sampieri; Brianne Beatrice; Celena Sky April; William Cunningham; Kate Kohler Amory 

  • Mental Health First Aid

    • Adult Mental Health First Aid Certification

    • Alison Wood


  • Anti-Racist Theatre

    • Anti-Racist Theatre: Conscientious Theatre Training

  • Atlanta Artist Relief Fund

    • Creative Resilience and Trauma Education

  • Boston University

    • Navigating Trust, Disagreement, and Boundaries in Artistic Communities

  • Brown Box Theatre Project

    • Conflict and Combat Workshop Series – Unarmed Combat

  • Hollaback!

    • Bystander Intervention in the Workplace

    • 8 Strategies to Mitigate Implicit Bias

    • Stand Up Against Street Harassment

    • Bystander Intervention 2.0 - De-Escalation Training

  • Intimacy Directors International

    • Intro to Intimacy

    • 3-Day Intimacy Workshop

  • Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

    • Intro to Intimacy Coordination

    • Anatomy of An Apology

    • Acting Intimacy for TV & Film

    • Level II 6-week Training

  • Intimacy for Stage and Screen

    • Intimacy and Violence

    • Queer Intimacy 

  • Moonbox Productions

    • Intro to ASL

  • Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine

    • Introduction to Sexual Assault & Victim Advocacy 101

  • Senior Living Residences

    • Leadership Training

    • Encouraging Sexuality for Seniors

    • De-Escalation Techniques

  • Theatrical Intimacy Education

    • Best Practices

    • Staging Sex: Power Play

    • Staging Sex: Outercourse

    • Staging Sex: Intercourse

    • Staging Sex: Nonconsensual Intimacy

    • Working with Trans and Non-Binary Artists

    • Foundations in Race, Intimacy, & Choreography

  • Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Identities in Theatre with Shira Gitlin

    • Intro Workshop

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